Green Deal Scheme

Much has been written and discussed about the Green Deal Initiative and the proposed Energy Bill; which is going through Parliamentary processes. However, there is much confusion about what the scheme is, what the objectives and goals are, when it will start and what the process will be.

We will aim to give you the best information on the Green Deal and what it means for Home Owners, for Landlords, for Domestic properties, for Business and the commercial and Public Sector.

Green Deal Initiative

We aim to help you understand the process, the legislation and what Energy Efficiency measure you maybe able to qualify for. We will explain what an Accredited Assessment is and what the Assessment process is about.


More importantly, we will help you understand how the Green Deal Finance will work for you, how you will apply and qualify for the loans and how you will pay it back.

  • Is it a loan in the traditional sense?
  • Will it effect you when you decide to move?
  • What about if you buy a house that the previous owners have carried out measures under the Green Deal Initiative?

How could you benefit from it as a Home Owner, a Landlord, as a Tenant or as a Business?

Providing you the information you need